The most known taxi companies in France


France is known for many people as the romantic country, if you consider its beautiful places, views, and history you will be sure that the name is well appropriated. Paris is the capital of this countryand it is also called the city of light and love. Paris has a population that is around 2 million inhabitants, and just in the French capital you will see many monuments and places that catch the attention of both tourists and local people, of course the most emblematic is the Eiffel Tower, but another well visited places are the Avenue des Champs Elysees, the Sacré Coeur Basilic, the Arc de Triomphe among others, we can also find famous institutions of the world like the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre. Another thing that is reference in France is the cuisine that it is internationally recognized for the use of many varieties of ingredients some commons and some not so much, andthe use of an elegant style when it comes the time to prepare delicious plates.

During the night the city of Paris become into a magical place, with many lights full of colors that when are combined with the environment create a unique view that is worth to take photos and remember the rest for so many years. This is common not only in Paris, but in the entire country. France offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and casinos that will make you enjoy a unique experience during your stay. Paris is also known as the fashion capital, with that in mind you will be able to find in every shop the latest clothes collections with the glamour and style that represent the country and Europe, besides, if you want to find luxuries you will be in the right place, the hotels offers to the public the most comfortable and fancies habitations, which you will rest form an exhausting trip, and you will find that relaxing time that you needed. The French capital is considered as the city that receive the biggest amount of tourist in the entire year, the estimation shows that more than 40 million of peoples visit Paris during the year depending of the season.

If, you are going to visit France in especial the capital, you should come prepare for enjoy the wonderful things that the city have for you, it doesn’t matter if you are coming for a business, it is almost impossible visit Paris and ignore the emblematic places that the city has. Once you are in Paris you need to consider as well how you will go from one place to another in a short time and without the risk of get lost, in this case we recommend the best and safest way to move across the city and that is by hiring a taxi. However, you need to know how to identify the taxis in France; because, maybe in your country you can identify the taxis with a particular color, and the cars models, but in France is not like that, any model of car can be used as taxi, and the best way to identify them is with the sign that the car have in above the roof with the word “TAXI” on it, in addition you will be able to see the letters A,B,C that indicate the standard rate that must be pay for the service, the rate will vary depending of the day and the time.  In Paris, the taxis must be taken in the granted stops; otherwise, the driver can received a fined, but do not worry you don’t have to walk too much to find a taxi stop, only in Paris there are more than 490 stops distributed across the city, of course, many stops are near to the airport and the train terminals. The rate can be increased depending if you have what is considered as “especial item” for example a pet, more than 5 kilos of luggage, if more than 3 people will use the same unit among others, is better to consult with the driver to estimate the entire cost at the end of the service. All the taxis in France must have a GPS that shows the route and the estimated time of arrival to the destination point, it is a rule, and the driver must comply.

The taxis in the city of Paris are continually working during the 24 hours of day during the entire year, based in the estimation right now are closer of 20,000 taxis distributed in the city to satisfy the demand, but if you think that is too much in some cases is not enough, and sometimes is difficult to find a free taxi. The most known taxi companies in the city of Paris and France are: Taxis G7, Taxis G75, City Cab Paris, and Les Taxis Bleus, which can be taken in any established stops or can be reserved by telephone where the call center operator will find the proper taxi for you based in the provided information such as the pick-up point, and destination site that way the travel route will be estimated, and you will reach your location on time, remember that during the call reservation you should participate to the operator if you have any special consideration such as children transportation, pet, or big luggage in order to estimate the final rate of the trip. You can also reserve the taxi services with the companies in advance through digital platforms, which also provides the route of transfer, the date, time, and the model of the car that you prefer, in addition to registering the rate of transportation, and the data of the driver, by last you can make the corresponding payment.

Let´s talk about different taxi companies around the country; the biggest, oldest and more traditionalcompany is Taxis G7, which right now has an amount registered drivers around 9,000 just in Paris, distributed across the city that are continually  working the 24 hours of day during the entire year. You can make a reservation with at least 30 minutes in advance that way you will be sure and will have the guarantee of your taxi when you needed. This company also offers a membership for their most faithful clients in order to provide them priority in the services, this service have an annual payment. Another company that is so mentioned in France is Less Taxis Blues, it is also well recommended on the web with many positive comments, the users express that the drivers of this company are responsible, and the call center attention offer a detailed service, and the operator is always willing to help you with any requirement that you have, at the moment this company have just now about 3,000registered taxi drivers equally distributed around Paris and many other cities, the drivers are only willing to take you wherever you go.

All the taxi companies must follow the traffic rules, and the standards established by the government in order to guarantee the best service to the passengers, in the legal side the taxi companies are obligated to pay taxes and provide a quality service to the client, the drivers enjoy of personal benefits as social security and vacations, which the taxi companies provide to them. The taxi companies should present a detailed report that shows the entire fleet of drivers as well the personal data. During the trip the driver must use the seat belt in all time, because, in France this is an obligation,and he must request the passenger to do the same. The taxi driver should take a passenger in the identified stops; otherwise, they can be penalized by the traffic officers.

The taxi companies are always training their drivers and testing them in order to provide a high quality service, because the customer evaluation can be the presentation chart that the company used to provide the service, the best way to evaluate a company and the drivers is checking out the comments after the ride. It is common to see negative and positive opinion of course, but too much negative experience will make you think twice the use of the particular company and/or driver, for example the Taxis 75 Companyoffers a wide options to the users´ mobilization from different points of the city, such as Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais-Tillé airports, to request the reservation of the service you must enter to their digital platform and provide the needed information, like personal, date, and time of the service, number of people that will take the service, address of the pick-up point and destination place, the other option that you have to make a reservation is through the call center central. Based in the comments this company has outstanding qualifications, the customers expressed that the drivers are punctual and friendly, as well the reservation platform by phone. A couple offoreign tourists expressed that, “G75 has a good drivers in my experience using the service the taxi driverarrived punctually to the airport and helped us with the luggage, in addition the driver give us some advices about which places we should know in Paris, he was always friendly and respectful with us, when I have to come back to France I will hire the service with this company again”.

City Cab Paris, is another taxi company that operate in France specially in France, however, this company improve the way of service by offering the rent of the taxi for days, it doesn’t matter if you have a two hours business meeting the taxi will wait for you at the exit of the office, restaurant, or the place in where you are. In this case the taxi will not show the word Taxi on the roof and the letters A, B, and C, indicating the rate, not, with this company the taxi is customized for you, you will identify the taxi by a sign with your name on it. The company always include the name of the customer in the taxi that way will be easier to know what is the car and will be an exclusive service for the client, as you may though this service is more expensive that a particular one, but is one of the most used in the entire city, which is why if you want to reserve a taxi with City Cab Paris you should call with a lot of time in advance in order to have yourdriver to the entire disposition.

Based in the official estimation just in Paris there are more than 20,000 taxi drivers registered across the city working for many companies that offers both exclusives and regular services to the customers. That number of drivers is just including registered companies, the Uber drivers has increased the taxis in Paris, the estimation shows that about 14,000 drivers use Uber to receive and extra income working as taxi, but even with so many drivers to get a taxi in Paris is difficult sometimes. The traffic can be rough and if you are hurry to reach a specific place we recommend the use of a taxi, if you decide to use the public transportation, you should be ready to the stress, heat and for being uncomfortable during the trip, without mention that probably you will arrive late to the destination point.

If you call to an Uber driver, the most advisable thing that you should do is verify the driver comments because could happen that the driver is not familiar with the routes and a short trip become in a waste of time. Considering the large quantity of taxis in Paris and many options available to take one service, you should always take in mind the company and the driver´s recommendations, it is advisable to use company taxis because they are prepared and approved to provide the service, remember that you can identify this car based on the sign above the roof and the letters A, B and C, the taxis must have a GPS to show you the route, the taxi companies will always give you the proper support and help during your trip.

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